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Grey's Awakening

Grey's Awakening  - Cameron Dane This was a very intense and damn hot read. I loved Sirus but I also kind of understood Grey's insecurities. Even though they came from totally different worlds, it was immediately clear they were meant for each other.Like the previous book in the series, [b:The Sweetest Tattoo|5818483|The Sweetest Tattoo (Cabin Fever, #1)|Cameron Dane|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1227191568s/5818483.jpg|5990496], the sex scenes were off the charts hot but, in my opinion, the author does better in m/m. That quite long and highly gratifying scene where Grey learns how to enjoy bottoming was my favourite.The ending was somewhat abrupt for my liking but it didn't affect my general impression of the book that much so I won't make any more noise about it. This story is one of the reasons I will continue checking out Cameron Dane's books.