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A Fostered Love

A Fostered Love  - Cameron Dane This was one of the lighter (almost no crime/suspense, not at all angsty plot) Cameron Dane books. I would categorize it somewhere between the Cabin Fever and the Quinten, Montana books.The main characters were OK but felt a little underdeveloped. Especially Christian. I got the usual "good guy" vibes from him but nothing much apart from that. I would have also liked to learn more about his relationship with his mother. How he managed to keep the balance, forgive her for letting him get swallowed by the foster care system, not trying harder to keep him and protect him as a kid.Jonah (I like the name, by the way) was a little too sentimental for someone who appeared as hardened and at the same time tormented by his past. But I liked him better than Christian. But maybe that's just because I got more info about him and because he was, admittedly, the more interesting of the two.David, (should I call him "the villain"?) didn't feel that intimidating; he was rather pathetic, really.I liked the way the author incorporated Abby, Santiago and Braden (the heroes of the next book in the series) in the story.I consider this a typical m/m Cameron Dane story and I would recommend it as a first read by this author.