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Dreaming in Color

Dreaming in Color - Cameron Dane I usually enjoy Cameron Dane's books. She has this ability to create likable characters that resonate with you, even though they tend to be a tad too dramatic and overly emotional.This story felt a little imbalanced though. Colin has been having very vivid and explicit dreams about Marek for two years, so he feels like he knows the guy, he's almost already in love with him. Marek, on the other hand, hasn't seen Colin in decades, he barely knows him, he's very suspicious of him and, if you take into account his many other issues, he shouldn't really want to get involved with Colin. What would you do? If a total stranger came up to you one day and told you he's been dreaming about you for years and that he feels he's there to save you? Wouldn't you consider him a wacko? I know I would.But Marek's suspicions don't last long and he finds himself deeply, though reluctantly, involved with Colin within a couple of days.So there. In the first half of the book I couldn't get myself to believe in the romance. I couldn't feel the chemistry between the characters. Colin felt too gushy and enthusiastic and Marek too reserved, too reticent.I won't comment on the sex scenes, others have done it in detail in their reviews. I guess that's Cameron Dane's style. The private parts of her characters are sentient and they tend to quiver and get confused and even scream. I got over it within the first couple of her books. Though I do think the sex scenes drag a bit.The second half of the book was better, the things the characters did and said and thought, their reactions, felt more natural but again a bit exaggerated. Still, more times than not I realized I was sniffling, caught up in the drama. But I guess that's just Cameron Dane for you.