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The Letter Z

The Letter Z - Marie Sexton *scratches head* Okay. *rubs chin* Right. I'm trying here. Honestly. But I'm drawing a blank. Not because I don't have anything to say, but because this particular reading experience turned out to be more complex than I initially expected.Let's just say I strongly dislike Angelo. Zach seems all preppy and proper on the outside—and maybe he is—but the guy also has some serious kinks. However, they seem to work well together.The thing is, in the last 30% or so, the story kind of took a different turn for me. I think it was the bathroom stall scene and how they ended up in there and how it worked for them. That's when, in my head, Zach stopped being the spineless doormat and became the mastermind.*shrugs* So, yeah. This wasn't the train wreck I thought it would be. I didn't enjoy it but, by the end, I wasn't furious anymore. If that's how Zach and Angelo get off, and if they're both happy with their arrangement, who am I to piss on their party?