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Breaking Logan's Laws (Quinn Security)

Breaking Logan's Laws - Cameron Dane This is the third book in the Quinn Security series I read and it's definitely the one I enjoyed the most. Both because of the plot and because of the characterization.I liked both Logan and Nate and appreciated that, even though Nate was a few years younger than Logan, he was level-headed, knew what he wanted and brought the much needed balance in their relationship. Also, I kind of got why Logan had those laws and why he had to follow them but he could have done away with them much sooner, in my opinion.Strangely, the "I've been in love with you for as long as I've known you" concept used in all books in this series works well, in the sense that it makes the stories more believable. Take that element away and I would be rolling my eyes on how Logan and Nate felt after a single sexual encounter. So the detail that they have been (at least) lusting after each other for the last three years was fine by me.The sex scenes were (as always in C. Dane's books) very hot but I found they dragged a bit and they could have been broken into more, smaller and more gratifying ones. Not that I'm complaining!I also liked the crime/thriller part of the story quite much. Declan was not exactly my cup of tea-I wanted to smack him on the head and shout "get your shit together!" at him most of the time-but Pierce was an interesting character. In a Draco Malfoy kind of way :)So, even though I'm giving this three stars (I wish I could give it more but that would mean giving it the same rating I gave Grey's Awakening and that one I adored), I'll definitely read any future books in this series.