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Dangerous Lover

Dangerous Lover - Lisa Marie Rice This is hands down the worst book by Lisa Marie Rice I've read so far. Not because of the poorly developed plot, not because of the lack of real interaction between the MCs (apart from the sex, of course), not because the villain had almost as much page time as the MCs ending up being too distracting, not because of the author's well-worn cliches (hero ex-military security freak with lots of money, not very good-looking but very sexy and well-endowed down there; heroine 28-year-old elegant redhead with no personal life because of her financial/family problems but she's on the pill nonetheless; and yes, the term "bareback" makes its appearance in this novel as well) but mainly because of the lame ending. What kind or romance novel ends without the MCs having exchanged the necessary I-love-yous, without them having a HEA or at least a HFN? Well, this one does!