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Tempting the Fire

Tempting the Fire - Sydney Croft This is the weakest book in the series so far. Strange as it may sound, the two romances happening at the same time took some of the steam factor off this book mainly because they didn't allow me to identify with any of the heroines. Marlena I didn't like anyway (from the previous books) and Sela felt imbalanced with her traumatic past and kick-ass present.In the end, having to split my attention between the two couples became a little irritating. Chance's and Marlena's story in particular felt forced and the solution around Marlena's curse and Chance's half man/half chupacabra status kinda simplistic.But, as always, I loved the Creed and Annika parts and the parts with Dev and Gabe were alright (can't help it, I love Dev), although I'd been happier if these two couples (and the side plot in general) had had more page time in this novel.Plus, the glimpse of the Phoebe/Mel character and her upcoming interaction with Stryker sounds really promising!