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Seduced by the Storm

Seduced by the Storm - Sydney Croft I thoroughly enjoyed this installment and found it is the best in the series so far.Wyatt and Faith were great together. It was the first time I enjoyed the main story as much as the side plot in these books. Because, yeah, it's the side plot that gets all my attention in these stories. Devlin & Oz, Creed & Annika. I was sad about the first couple but happy about the latter.So,I liked Faith. Much more than Haley and Kira (the heroines in the first two installments.) And, man, did I drool over Wyatt.It was nice to touch base with Haley and Remy, too. I like all those little details the authors put in there from the previous books. How the characters they have already introduced are faring.I got a sneak peak into the next installment and something tells me I will love it. Two alpha characters fighting for dominance? Bring it!