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Unleashing the Storm

Unleashing the Storm - Sydney Croft This was such a great read. Better than the first one on many levels.For starters, I liked the hero better. Ender is huge and sexy and runs like the wind... Not a nice guy but bad guys we love!Kira was kinda "meh" for me, though. I didn't identify with her and, to be honest, I found her a bit irritating.Then there were the sex scenes. Scorchingly hot. The things you can do with a pair of handcuffs... The subplot was so captivating, at times I found myself more interested in Dev and Oz or Creed and Annika than in the main characters. I don't know which of the two authors is responsible for those parts but kudos. The whole ACRO-Itor war, the good fighting the bad... The plot thickens in this installment and makes you wanna read the next book to see what happens. And that's something I'm gonna be doing very very soon.