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Deeper Than Midnight (Midnight Breed Series #9)

Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian I found it difficult to get over the fact that Hunter, who until very recently didn't know shit from Shinola when it came to emotions, felt certain he loved Corinne just because he spent a couple of nights rolling between the sheets with her. He seemed more like a lovestruck virgin to me. And Corinne, who was abused six ways from Sunday for 75 years, felt comfortable being very intimate with a huge, intimidating male who kills for a living just a week or so after she was rescued from her captors. Ahm. Therapy anyone?But I liked the Chase parts. And the scenes with the other Breed males with their mates. Especially Dante and Tess. In general, I found the pace good and the story well-built. I felt this book had the most urban fantasy elements so far in the series. Less romance and more action. Less intimacy and more angst. Tormented characters with tragedy in their past. That's not necessarily bad, I'm just curious to see if and how the author will continue with this. And I'm also curious about Nathan and Kellan and Mira. And that's good. I'm still highly interested in Ms Adrian's work.All in all this was a decent addition to the series. And, hopefully, Chase's story will be much better.