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Men of August - Marly's Choice

Marly's Choice - Lora Leigh This was an ok read. The sex scenes were (as always with Lora Leigh) sizzlin' hot but I have to admit I hated the main characters, Cade and Marly. And the way their relationship evolves was just not convincing. Lusting after someone (even for years and years) is one thing and loving someone is a different thing entirely. But the thing that irritated me the most was that even though Marly was an inexperienced virgin, Cade made her do things even some very experienced mature women probably wouldn't be comfortable doing without giving her any time to adjust. Plus, he kept telling her "Don't say no to me, Marly". I mean, come on! Is that love? For me it isn't.Also, the whole menage thing felt forced and unnatural and the reason why Cade wanted to share his woman with his brothers (and another woman) even though he was a super alpha male being jealous of even the air that touched Marly's skin wasn't adequately explained. There was a line about having been forcefully trained in dominance by some family friend and that was it. Not. Convincing.All in all, I don't think I will be reading the next two installments if I have a choice.