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Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2)

Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2) - K.A. Mitchell I loved this! It's funny (come closer, Eli, so I can give you a bear hug), it's sweet, and it's hot hot hot.You'll probably need to suspend disbelief about the Laurent family and their unparalleled ability to ignore huge pink elephants in the room and in their lives for years and years but hey, it's not our fault if they're determined to win the prize for "best cookie cutter-please don't burst our bubble" family in the state of Maryland. Plus, it was probably that mentality that produced that jerk, Peter. No wonder he's part of the Laurent family. He made it to the top ten of my "hand me a gun please" characters. This time I wanted it to be a large carlibre, too.But, like I said, I didn't give a damn about the Laurents, and I didn't give a damn about Peter. All I cared about was Quinn and Eli and how good and right and HOT they felt together. And I absolutely adored Eli.