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Hot Head

Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede What a powerful story! I fell in love with Dante because Griff loves him in such a beautiful, almost tender way, without expecting anything in return. Everything for his "brother", who somewhere along the way became the love of his life. Not that he's not a looker, Dante. With his raven black curls and his midnight black eyes and his olive skin and his muscled body. Same goes for Griff by the way. The kind-hearted red-haired giant. How can you not love the guy?Their story is touching in so many ways. They have been best friends for so long they have become brothers. They have gone through hell and back as firefighters who became front-row witnesses of the 9/11 tragedy, almost losing their lives and their sanity. They are broken, far from perfect, each in his own way.That's why you feel life owes them this much. They deserve this kind of happiness. They deserve to be together. They deserve it even though they are both heteros living and working in an environment that's less than gay-friendly. And when they do, it feels so natural, so meant to be. Those words between Griff and Dante's mom (his own "adopted" mother) in Dante's bedroom, standing at the window, watching Dante smiling and waving at them from the garden? They got me so emotional I almost cried: "I love him. So much".I don't want to add any spoilers in this review, so I won't say more. Just kudos to Damon Suede for Hot Head. I will definitely be following his future work.