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More Than Make-Believe

More Than Make-Believe - Tymber Dalton 2.5 starsHoly fluffy drama, Batman! Most of the time, this book bordered on the ridiculous, but for the life of me I couldn't stop reading. It features a porn star who, by day, is a university professor—and a Doctor of Philosophy at that. He also has a heart of gold, since he's in the business only because he needs the money to pay his three-year-old niece's medical bills; she has this rare heart condition and she needs major surgery. Also, before that, he took his younger sister under his wing when their catholic parents disowned her for daring to get pregnant out of wedlock and her scumbag of a husband ended up in prison for drug trafficking (or something equally dramatic, I don't remember.) Heart of gold, I tell you! There's also this straight guy, a university student whose evil step-mother convinces his father to stop helping him out financially and he ends up agreeing to make a gay porno movie, bottoming for the first time in his life, for said porn star, whom he knows nothing about, yet he enjoys himself immensely and manages to fall head over heels for him, too.Did I mention the porn star falls for the student as well? He does! But is it real or is it because the rookie is the spitting image of Billie, the guy who broke the porn star's heart into a million pieces six years ago? That is the question, my friends!Should I go on? *raises eyebrows*