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Pricks and Pragmatism

Pricks and Pragmatism - J.L. Merrow 3.5 starsI started out disliking Luke (not that there was much to like about him in the beginning, mind,) but I gradually warmed up to him and ended up rooting for him and Russel. Russel was the shy, socially challenged geek you love and feel protective of from the get go.I would have liked a bit more info on what happened with Luke's father, but I suppose it went all right, he was already making an effort.One detail that niggled me was that Luke had had sex with that ex of his, Sebastian, right before he slept with Russel for the first time and I didn't think that was fair to Russel. Why did Luke have to go all the way with Sebastian before he realised he didn't want to go back to his old life?But anyway. This was a sweet story about two guys who find love in an unexpected way and I liked it fine.