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Hard Tail

Hard Tail - J.L. Merrow Ye gods and little fishes! This was so refreshing! It's first person POV but I loved Tim's voice. It was funny and witty with the right amount of self-sarcasm. And so damn British. He had me literally at fist page; when he said Matt went "well-shaped arse over tit".Matt was an OK character. A little thin on substance but OK. Adam though? What a show-stealer! I caught myself wanting to read more about him and less about Tim and Matt. The remaining characters, Kate, Jay, Olivia (I liked her!), Tim's parents (that Mother of his, typical British and very Maggie Smith), Steve, were all interesting enough, kept me entertained throughout the book.The naughty parts weren't, well, very naughty, they were rather rudimentary, but it was one of those rare times I could have done entirely without them and still be happy about the story (last time this happened was with Tigers and Devils).The things I wasn't entirely happy with were the issue of Tim's sexuality (how he himself handled it and how he let the reader know about it), the whole issue with Matt's necklace (way too much fuss, if you ask me) and the way Matt left Steve (it could have been a little more elaborated upon and was directly connected with the way abuse is portrayed in the story).Some suspension of disbelief was also required. Mostly about the typical "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you" issue (especially since Tim had been deep in the closet until very recently and hadn't even experimented with men), but also because he felt he was boyfriends with someone just because they'd fooled around a little and had gone out on a date once. You don't call someone your "ex" just because of that.But hey, it's fiction and it's romance and it's meant to make you smile and feel good. I had a great time reading this book and that's what matters most.I'll definitely be reading more by this author.