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Counterpunch - Aleksandr Voinov I should start by saying I'm not sure how to rate this book. And, as usual with A. Voinov's books, I can't write a proper review; too many thoughts coursing through my mind and a turmoil of emotions in my chest. My general feeling is that the book should be longer. At least I wish it were. Brooklyn is an amazing character. He comes across with exceptional clarity and almost surgical precision. He had me at hello and he already holds that special place in my heart I reserve for the fictional characters I wish were real. But there were many more interesting characters in the story and I would have liked to see them developed a bit further. Nathaniel and Les. Then Cash, the Cubans. Even the ex-wife, Shelley.I was especially interested in the Brooklyn-Les dynamics, at least in the first part of the book. Why did Brook fancy him so much? Where was that trust—if I could call it that—on Brooklyn's part based?Then Nathaniel. Knowing the whole story behind his interest in Brooklyn, I got the feeling he rushed it a little with the L word. But maybe that's because, in general, I didn't feel I understood him as much as Brooklyn.The way the story was wrapped up was beautiful and sweet and it was the only time I felt something resembling compassion for Nathaniel. But I would have liked it to be more elaborate and have Nathaniel explain himself better. I may be wrong but my impression is that if it hadn't been for the outcome of the fight with Dragan Thorne and the developments it caused for Brooklyn, Nathaniel would still have kept his distance.One thing is certain, though: Aleksandr Voinov is a master in creating dark, strong, tormented and passionate characters and in unraveling their tender and loyal and spirited and committed side.That balance is in itself a tour de force.