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But My Boyfriend Is

But My Boyfriend Is - K.A. Mitchell First off, I hate that Samhain books end at around 92%. I feel like there are things happening in the story in that 8%, only I don't get to see them because I have to read a synopsis and an excerpt from Bad Boyfriend. Dude, I don't need to read that excerpt! I've already read the book! But even if I hadn't, if you think I read any further after the book has ended, I got news for you: I don't. I press "Home" and select the next book on my reading list.Anyway. Dylan. He was all right. But his "I'm not gay" mentality started to grate on my nerves from a certain point onward. Whatever, man. You enjoy sweeping another guy's chimney—and you're ready to have him sweep yours—but heaven forbid that anyone utters the G-word around you. You don't have issues. Nah.Then there's your twin who acts like a total ass and pulls a vanishing act because he's afraid being gay might be hereditary and that, with two brothers already "bending over", his days as a hetero might be counted. Wow. And you're supposed to be the brilliant one in the family. Kudos. Mike. I don't have much to say about Mike, either. He was plain. I didn't find him particularly endearing or sexy. And since Dylan hooked up with him because he (Dylan) wanted something uncomplicated and to not be alone, he (Mike) reminded me of those pillows some therapists use in anger management. Also, he started off as a convenient fuck buddy and ended up being much more but it wasn't really clear how he managed that. Other than being a good lay, that is.As usual with K.A. Mitchell, the sex was hot (even though Dylan's post-coital reactions were a little anticlimactic: It's just semen, Dylan. It won't stain you forever); it wasn't as hot as in Collision Course but maybe I felt the chemistry between Aaron and Joey better. Speaking of which, I enjoyed the parts with Joey and Aaron best. Even if Dylan didn't.Overall, I enjoyed this—it’s still top-notch stuff—but I caught myself brushing off things I wouldn't have dismissed so easily if it were any other author. Hence the three stars; because I expect much more from K. A. Mitchell.