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Strawberries for Dessert

Strawberries for Dessert - Marie Sexton This book... This book!! I know most of my GR friends loved it but it kept grating on my nerves.First of all, the people in this story kept blushing: "I felt myself blush," "I felt myself blush again," "I still saw the blush that had appeared on his cheeks," "I stammered, feeling myself blush," "I felt a blush start to creep up my cheeks," "I suspected it was to keep me from seeing the blush on his cheeks," "his blush deepened," "his blush deepened and he looked away," I saw a blush start to creep up his cheeks," "I felt myself blush as I remembered," "a blush was creeping up his cheeks," "he turned away from me to hide his blush," "my dad blushed a little," "my cheeks were turning red," "feeling my cheeks turning red again," "his cheeks [were] bright red," "I felt my cheeks turning bright red," "his cheeks red with embarrassment," "my dad's cheeks started to turn a little bit red," "his cheeks slowly turning red," "as his face turned even more red," "I felt my face turning red," "Frank's cheeks were red and so on.The people in this story also kept tearing up and crying: "I thought maybe he was fighting back tears," he might even have been close to tears," "with a voice that was thick with tears," "he was fighting tears," his eyes opened, and they were moist with tears," "there were tears on his cheeks," "his eyes were red and wet with tears," "whatever it was that had him in tears on my couch," "I suspected he was near tears again," "I kissed him and tasted tears," "I could hear the tears in his voice," "I fought back the tears," "I kissed the tears from his cheeks," "his eyes were swimming with tears," "his tears started to come faster," "his voice choked with tears," "there were still tears on his cheeks," "I stopped short fighting back tears," "I lost my own battle to keep my tears at bay," "the woman was fighting tears," "wiping the tears from her cheeks," "it almost brought tears to my eyes," "let go and allowed the tears to come."They also kept bristling: "I felt myself bristle," "I felt myself bristle a little," "I bristled at that," "the man bristled notably."The sex scenes were almost non-existent, there was no sexual tension between the main characters (telling me that "they went to the bedroom and had earth-shattering sex" won't do the trick, I'm afraid. Show me!) so I wasn't convinced Jon and Cole were right for each other.In a nutshell, for me, this was the story of two drama-loving, constantly flustered saps who had no particular chemistry between them and bristled a lot. Yeah. Not good.