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Collision Course

Collision Course - K.A. Mitchell I think I've discovered a new favourite author. K.A. Mitchell's stories are fluffy and not fluffy at the same time. I can't explain it. They have this "love conquers all" feeling but they're also a little angsty and have wonderfully flawed characters and are deliciously hot (the sex scenes are abundant and make your blood pressure skyrocket) and a tiny bit dirty (spanking, anyone?) and always finish on a positive, hopeful but HFN note that also lends them a certain degree of credibility lacking in other similar stories.Regardless, like I always say, it's fiction and it's romance so you also have to suspend disbelief at some points (in Collision Course, it was the whole hostage situation) but the author always manages to wrap her story up beautifully so I don't mind.So beware, GR friends. I'll be gushing over K.A. Mitchell's stories/characters all over your home pages from now on.ETA: I just discovered two short stories with Aaron and Joey (a Christmas and a Valentine's one) on the author's LJ. You can read them here and here.