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An Immovable Solitude

An Immovable Solitude - S.A. McAuley I should have asked for a shorter chain.This book.This book broke my heart, and it kept breaking it into ever smaller pieces until the end. Because of Kerry.This book made my bruised heart jolt against my chest like a scared bird crashing into a cold window pane. Because of Erik.This book made my battered heart lodge right up into my throat and then drop into my stomach with an audible thud. Because of Kelle.This book made me want to scream until my throat went raw. Because of Erik and Kerry.This book is far from perfect and I had problems with it on more than one level. among other things and in no particular order, how and why Kerry left and stayed away, how and why Kelle died (acts of God are double-edged daggers when used to advance the plot), how and why Erik forgave Kerry, how the author used sex instead of words to convey emotion, how the obvious attempt to even things out by having Erik leave Kerry in Thailand had the opposite of the desired effect, how the casual use of terms of endearment and holding hands when things were still very much unresolved between the MCs made me wince, how everyone but Erik knew where Kerry was and how he was doing, how at times the dialogue felt choppy, how casual sex was included in the story and how Kerry reacted to the possibility of Erik having it, how egotistical and childish Kerry felt despite the attempts to justify his behavior, how soft and weak Erik felt when it came to Kerry….But, all the same, this book will stay with me in all its flawed, painful beauty.