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The Dark Tide (Adrien English Mystery, #5)

The Dark Tide - Josh Lanyon *This review contains spoilers*I'm not happy, Mr Lanyon. Not happy at all.I know I was angry at Jake in the previous two installments but you made me angry at Adrien in this one. What was that behaviour about? At some point I seriously thought you were going to use his heart surgery as a plot device to make him have a "change of heart." Seriously. And what exactly was Mel, the self-centered, heartless (pun not intended) ex, doing appearing in this book? Tsk tsk tsk. I thought you weren't one of those authors, Mr Lanyon. Such tricks should be beneath you.As for Guy, he was like an ornamental plant in this book. I didn't like him in previous installments but I felt sorry for him in this one. I really tried not to picture him like some athletic grandpa but I wasn't very successful I must admit. And I also admit I gigglesnorted when Jake called him Gandalf. I'm gigglesnorting again as I type this.Jake. My dear Jake. He was ostensibly going through so much in so little time, he was practically forced to come out (I know he said he didn't do it for Adrien but it didn't seem like that to me) and, on top of that, he had to deal with Adrien's juvenile behaviour. Adrien could have said he needed time. I know he put up with Jake's douchebaggery for very long, but he could have afforded Jake some time after what they both had gone through on that yacht. Instead, he turned into an inconsiderate juvenile and I got the impression he was yanking Jake's chain, having him jumping though hoops, until one day, just like that and because of a phone conversation with a stranger, he had this epiphany and off he took for Jake's place to throw himself into Jake's arms. Just like that. Meh. Very anticlimactic.Also, why did that poor woman, Kate, had to meet Adrien under those circumstances? Can you imagine what she thought, how she felt as she left that house, cardboard box in hand? Not good. Not good at all. So, yes. This last book is my least favourite in the series. And it's a little frustrating because, judging by the previous Adrien English books and by your other work I've read, I'm positive you could have worked wonders with this one, too, Mr Lanyon. Pity.