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A Man In A Million (Silhouette Special Edition)

A Man in a Million - Jessica Bird I absolutely loved Spike. I enjoyed his resemblance to the Black Dagger Brotherhood Brothers so much, I sometimes lost track of the story and had to go back and reread the last few pages. The way he talks reminded me of Vishous (with all his "my man" and "what's doing" and "good deal"), his spiky black hair reminded me of Qhuinn (oh Qhuinn!), his yellow eyes of Phury and Zsadist. He's huge, he's muscled, he's inked, he drives a Harley. He's a total hunk. Plus he has a good heart. And he's trustworthy. And on top of that? HE CAN COOK! Not like, make some scrambled eggs and fry some bacon for breakfast. No, he can create wonders in the kitchen. 'Cos he's a French chef. What else can a girl ask for? *sigh*Madeline was an ok heroine, though I found her tendency to jump into conclusions a bit irritating. But then again, what's a Harlequin story without some kind of misunderstanding, right?One last thing. Now that I'm almost finished with the stories Jessica Bird (aka the Warden) wrote for Silhouette, I have to admit I don't like the book titles. At all. I find them unoriginal. But something tells me she didn't choose them herself. And the stories are great. So I'm willing to let the title thing pass.I'm kinda sad this series is over. I would love to read Jayne's (Spike's sister) HEA. She deserved one.