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A To Z

A to Z (Coda Books, #2) - Marie Sexton 2.5 stars. *This review contains mild spoilers*I know many of my friends liked this book, but I didn't enjoy it much. One of my problems was the alternating first person POV (simple past for Zach and present tense for Angelo). It drove me nuts. Another problem was the characters and the chemistry between them. I didn't particularly like Zach. He was kind of doormat-ey; first with Tom (seems like Ms Sexton likes to have at least one despicable caricature/character in her books. It was Matt's father in Promises) and then with Angelo ("anything you want, Ang," "anything you like, angel," "whatever you prefer, Angelo.") You get the picture. I didn't like Angelo, either. His hang-ups were so major and his behaviour so childish, I couldn't warm up to him at all. And maybe that's why I couldn't feel any connection between them. They both needed each other, each for his own reasons, but other than that, they didn't come across as crazy about each other as the second part of the book wanted me to believe.I didn't get why Angelo's mother had to make an appearance, either. She didn't help advance the plot of the story at all. Angelo had so many issues to resolve both about himself and in his relationship with Zach, he didn't need the added stress of his mother reappearing and wanting to play "mom" after being AWOL for twenty years. Plus, that scene in Angelo's flat when she first knocked on his door? Caught myself wondering where Jerry Springer was.There were various typos and grammar/syntax issues. Call me nitpicky, but nothing grates on the nerves of my inner editor more than the use of "you're" instead of "your" and vice versa.So, like I said, I can't say I enjoyed this very much. But I wasn't bored out of my mind while reading it and I liked the movie references (-Ed Wood? -Ed who? -Ed Wood, with Johnny Depp. - Is that the one where he cuts hair? - You talkin' 'bout Edward Scissorhands or Sweeney Todd? - I thought we were talking about Johnny Depp) plus it was nice seeing Matt and Jared from Promises again. And that's just about it. Hence the 2.5 stars.