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Mexican Heat #1 Crimes&Cocktails Series

Mexican Heat - Josh Lanyon, Laura Baumbach This was my second Josh Lanyon but I won't compare it with Fair Game (the first book I read by him) because it was co-authored and I can't say which writer wrote which parts.Overall, it was a compelling read, tight and well-paced. People warned me about the story getting sappy and overly dramatic after the 50% mark and they were right but, like I said in one of my status updates, my tolerance to sappiness and drama is pretty high so I didn't mind it very much. Though, admittedly, Miguel felt like he had undergone a complete personality transplant in the second part of the book.My biggest issue with the story was the bad Spanish used throughout the book. It was embarrassing. Especially since the authors could have easily consulted a native speaker for those. Also, they could have researched the medical parts better.Anyway. I enjoyed Mexican Heat and I would totally read the sequel (since the ending was a little abrupt.) But, from what I hear, there isn't going to be one. Here's to hoping.