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I'm a hopeful cynic.

Wight Mischief - J.L. Merrow This book didn't work on any level for me. It isn't up to par with J.L. Merrow's other work I've read. In fact, it felt as if it were written by some other author.The characterisation was one of the book's weakest points, with Will coming across as entirely too trusting, and having the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone (yes, I know I'm quoting Buffy, but it's too fitting here), Marcus came across as a man-child who couldn't see the truth if it hit him in the head, and as for the villain? He was such as a sorry excuse of a bad guy, I started feeling bad for him. The only remotely interesting character was Baz, and I hated him so much I wished a piano would fall on his head.The MCs had zero chemistry and the sex scene fell flat (also, there was a totally redundant hand job scene toward the end.)The paranormal element was ho hum and warranted no attention, not even in the end.It was supposed to be a thriller but there was zero suspense even in the supposed 'action' scenes. The plot was weak, most of the time wandering aimlessly, gathering no sense of momentum whatsoever, until the story fizzled out and ended. In a nutshell, I am at a loss as to why J.L. Merrow felt compelled to tell this story and in this manner. Disappointing.