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I'm a hopeful cynic.

Secret Santa Surprise - Tam Ames This was a two-star read for me (what with a woman date-raping a guy just because she fancied him and wanted to have his baby, then popping an aneurysm a year later and dropping dead, but not before finding the time and having the foresight to draw up a will and leaving specific instructions about her drug-dealing, gay and crass little brother having to raise her three-month old baby with the baby's father, who works at a sex toy factory, loves vegemite on toast for breakfast, enjoys watching gay porn with his uppity fiance and, naturally, has no idea about the little fella's existence) until I reached the part about the Christmas party at Aaron's (the baby's father) workplace and reading that Mary, bent over the manger (which instead of a baby, held a purple vibrator) with vibrating nipple clamps and a ball gag, Joseph poking her from behind wearing a butt plug with a horse tail and the three wise men having formed a man train, were part of the Christmas decor. Anyone who has the guts to put that kind of image in my head, deserves a five-star rating from me.