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On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves What a beautiful, beautiful story. I discovered it yesterday, sampled it from Amazon and then I just had to read the whole thing.It has quite a few elements that would normally keep me away, like alternating first person POVs and a storyline (two people stuck on a deserted tropical island) that can easily lead to disastrous results but, surprisingly, the author manages to tell her story in a simple (another term that comes to mind is "unembellished") yet captivating way, turning the first person POV into a real tool, making the unraveling of her characters' thoughts and emotions seem natural, effortless, seamless.I can't say I loved everything about this book, there were parts—especially in the last 1/3 of the book—that could have been developed a little better or even differently, but they don't matter. Not really. What matters is that I feel like Anna and TJ actually told me this story and that I have the aftersensation (if I could borrow the term) that I experienced it; not simply read it.This is my first five-star rating for 2012 and I'm happy it goes to a book like "On the Island". Kudos to the author for a story well told.