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I'm a hopeful cynic.

Clay's Way - Blair Mastbaum Clay's Way reads like a really long and bad haiku. Or a really long and bad acid trip. Or an overambitious and pretentious coming of age story about the contemporary gay teenager. Sam and Clay are the loser kid and the cool kid, respectively. But they are two versions of the same persona. They're both gay, they both need to behave in a certain way. They are both struggling and they are both tragic figures. That much is obvious.But even though the premise was interesting, and the endeavour challenging, it was so badly executed everything kept falling flat. The characterization was shallow and I disliked both Sam and Clay. The adults were portrayed either as indifferent, greedy money chasers in pantsuits or as irresponsible, pseudo-spiritual potheads in muumuus. To be blatantly honest, the whole thing felt like it was written by a spiteful, self-loathing, lonely ten-year-old who would grow up only to become a serial killer.One of my worst reading experiences. Ever.