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Louder Than Sirens, Louder Than Bells (Love is Always Write) - K.D. Sarge I felt like a diamond miner while reading this story. Literally. Because I had to dig through piles of plain earth to find a gem. But when I found it? Man. It was some precious stone! That's why I kept reading. And, despite the effort, the gems I collected were worth it in the end.So.I didn't like Alan the drama queen or Lukas the door mat. And I didn't like Alan the stubborn know-it-all or Lukas the super-hero. But I did like the funny, snarky Alan and the level-headed Lukas. And I did like them together.I liked the text messages they exchanged. I didn't like that they were better at it than at actual dialogue.I liked the intimate scenes. I didn't like that the characters made life-altering decisions based only on their limited experience.I liked the funny parts. I didn't like all the drama.And, by the way, when you're telling a story, you don't have to say "on Monday, this happened," "on Tuesday that happened," "on Wednesday that thing happened," and so forth. It's a story not a written relay of facts.But still. I hadn't heard of K.D. Sarge before this story but I'll keep an eye out for her work from now on. I want more of her little gems for my collection.