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Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour Series #1) - Olivia Cunning Well. This book had its moments but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Let’s see. The things that didn’t sit well with me:Myrna. What a bitch. She’s gone through a lot, I give her that, but then again that’s what shrinks are for. She keeps projecting her negative experiences to her “relationship” or however she wants to call it, with Brian. The “you’re a whore, Myrna” chant really got on my nerves from a certain point onwards. Myrna may be a human sexuality professor but she’s full of unresolved complexes and inhibitions. We got it. And this takes me to the next thing I didn’t like: I wasn’t convinced by the way the two main characters hooked up. OK, he may be a famous rock star but he is piss drunk, ridiculing himself in the middle of a hotel bar. She’s a respected college professor who has just wrapped up a conference presentation. And what does she do? She invites him to her room mere minutes after he spends a considerate amount of time worshiping the porcelain god in the hotel’s public bathrooms. And when he tries to initiate sex, she goes all “what are you doing?” and “I just invited you here to feed you a banana.” Yeah, right. What did she expect? That he followed her to her room because he wanted to play gin rummy with her?Another major issue was Brian considering Myrna special. I didn’t see how she could be so special after all. She was good in bed and he heard music when he did her but other than that her general behaviour was that of any love-struck groupie: she had sex with him before you could say Jack Robinson. She agreed to walk around the hotel and to the band’s suite in nothing but a bathrobe and pink lacy panties and then stand semi-naked in front of the other band members. She had sex with him (again) in a bath tub while another band member watched and wanked off coming in her hair. She had anal sex with him (yet again) on the suite’s dining table while another band member provided lube. I rest my case.As regards sex. I get it. The author wanted to squeeze in as much sex as possible. But making your heroes horny all the time and have sex for hours and hours every day doesn’t leave you much space to develop them properly. That’s probably why Brian is a 28-year-old teenager (he falls in love with every single girl he has sex with) with trust issues because the girls he thinks he loves go on to sleep with the band’s hot frontman, Sed. Well, duh. That’s what happens when you fall for featherbrained groupies. And, like a typical lovesick juvenile, he puts up with Myrna’s bitchy behaviour time and time again when he should have shown her the door after the first couple of days.The sex itself was ok though I didn’t see the need for that mediocre BDSM scene. It was lukewarm and clumsy and I could have done without it.The whole “Brian’s parents are shallow has-beens who don’t support him enough emotionally” situation. I have no words. A mild bitchslap from Myrna, the new girlfriend who they just met, led to more results than years of Brian’s efforts. Wow. She should change her name to Wonderwoman.The threesome. I was enjoying the scene and was finding the DP while the two men kiss passionately a damn fine mental image when that unbelievable turn-off of a person, Myrna, went all “Brian’s mine and I’m not sharing him” and ruined everything. I thought that, at last, both Brian and Myrna could overcome their trust issues a little. They were having a threesome for hell’s sake. But no. None of that. Plus, the author introduces the possible unrequited love situation between Trey and Brian as well as their sexual experimentations on each other as adolescents but doesn’t elaborate on it at all. She just leaves it there hanging. Possible homoerotic emotions between childhood friends who have ever since shared almost everything, including their women, sounds quite interesting to me and I would have liked to see how it turned out.And then there was Myrna’s ex, Jeremy. I was already too fed up with her and that awful conduct of hers (she had just hung up on Brian being indescribably rude) when that call from Jeremy came. Her reactions after that were so preposterous I seriously considered not finishing this. Brian, I’m not calling you because I’m scared shitless but because I don’t want you to come here, Brian, I don’t want you to stay on the phone with me… Oh well, just for a little bit and so on. Make up your mind, Myrna. You can’t be a bitch one minute and all wishy-washy, boo-hoo, please-protect-me the next.Then you have Brian, who takes the first plane to Kansas City to go save his damsel in distress and the first thing that crosses his mind when he sees another man holding her arm is that she’s cheating on him. I mean, enough already! That last 10% of the book was straight downhill until it hit rock bottom with the exchange of the necessary “I love yous” in such a nonchalant and childish way, it made Myrna’s whole “no L-word” and “no strings attached” mentality up to that point seem utterly ridiculous. The woman is in serious need of therapy. I mean, years and years. Plus Brian could use the time in between to grow up.