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First Time, Forever - K.C. Burn This is a novella about a married gay couple who tries to reconnect sexually after their son leaves home to go to college.It wasn't bad, in general. It's just that, even though the MCs came across as hot and caring for each other, I couldn't connect with their emotions. The major suspension of disbelief I had to exercise didn't help either. I know men have no real skills in communication but this was too much. They both walked around in a permanent state of arousal, wanting each other like crazy, but they couldn't find the time to be together or talk even once for weeks and weeks, until the miscommunication almost ruined their marriage? It made me wonder how they had managed to stay together all these years.Also, the major sex scene (the one that really happened between them) wasn't what I expected. After what they had gone through, after all the pent up sexual frustration, I expected to see wild, swing-from-the-chandeliers sex. It didn't happen.But anyway. It was a perfectly decent story, compared to other similar stuff I've read. And I wasn't bored or tempted to skim.