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Hidden Hands - Shayla Kersten Wow. I didn't think this book could possibly be worse than the previous one in the series but, sadly, it was. Here, Jeremy (Rich's doormat from the previous book) meets David (Ryan's ex-lover from the first book). Jeremy is still trying to get over how Rich dropped him like yesterday's underpants for that asshole best friend of his, Dan. David is that "other" guy from the first story in the series; the one who blew Ryan off when they were teenagers, denying he was gay and then proceeding to marry that psycho woman who got off killing young gay men.Both characters were so underdeveloped and so shallow in their thoughts and reactions that this almost read as a parody. Jeremy came across as a desperate guy who would get involved with literally anyone just to say he's in a relationship. From the first moment on, it was clear that David had major issues with his sexuality, was suicidal and, in general, had more baggage than Madonna on tour. Plus, it was clear they hooked up for a one-night stand only. But Jeremy brushed everything aside, almost clinging on David, hastily assuming the caring partner role. Not 24 hours after meeting David he was cleaning David's flat and doing the laundry!David came across as a whiny pathetic being, practically depersonalised in his misery, almost comic in his self-imposed victimisation. The crime parts were pretty basic (or should I say "lame"?) and were there only as an excuse to keep the MCs together for a little longer. Or for as long as the author thought was necessary before they decided they loved each other and should move in together.It's a pity really. Because I kinda liked the first story in the series. But I don't think I'm gonna be reading the next one any time soon.