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Transit - Raev Gray, Aleksandr Voinov This was deliciously sweet and mellow and romantic and put a silly smile on my face, something I've learned not to expect from Mr Voinov's work. It didn't feel like a typical Voinov story, even though I recognized some of his favourite "motifs" (like control and giving it up in and out of bed.) That's not necessarily a bad thing, I enjoyed the book all the same.My only issue was that Andrew and Javier conversed too much and thought too much during sex. But maybe it was just me. There was also the issue of Javier's age and Andrew not having figured out he was so much older sooner.Last, what do you know, it was the first time I liked the other (that is, not Mr Voinov's) character the same or even better. Not that Andrew wasn't interesting. He was. But Javier was the intriguing artist. Can you blame me?