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Warrior's Cross - Madeleine Urban I bumped this up my TBR list because of the upcoming release of Armed & Dangerous (it is a crossover with Warrior's Cross.)Some random thoughts while I read this:- I liked Cameron and Julian all right but my favourite was Preston. He's blond, he's Irish, he's a trained assassin. Any chance he could get his own book? - I didn't get why Cameron had to be so plain, so nondescript, so ordinary. It made me wonder what gorgeous gorgeous Julian found in him. OK, I'll admit it. I liked Julian better. But Cameron was a little boring. And, by the way, what did he need the kick boxing lessons for if he all but pissed himself when Lancaster showed up at his condo? - There was only one, pretty basic, sex scene pretty early in the story. I would have liked to see more of them together in bed. Convince me they were right for each other on a physical level as well. I wanted to see scorching hot passion. I wanted to see them devour each other. I wanted to see Julian practicing some of his killer skills (pun intended?) on Cameron, make Cameron feel special, loved, possessed, dominated. Shake Cameron's world.- Cameron's swarm of puppies irritated me. I'd take Julian's monster cats, Smith and Wesson, over them anytime.- Miri. Can someone please shoot her? What a nosy, irritating bitch!