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Gratuitous Kink (The Administration, #5.2) - Manna Francis OK, I'm still so mad at you Warrick. You see Toreth fuck someone else (you actually see him) and all you can do is shrug your shoulders and say "that's who he is"? And on top of that, you think it's exciting to see him in action? What the hell, Warrick? But hey you had so much fun fixing Fran's antique coffee machine, right? Not that there was anything more interesting for you to do in that Shop that night. Argh!!!!!!And then, worst of all, Toreth manages to render himself unconscious (from fucking others) on your sofa conveniently forgetting you're suspended in mid air? Waiting for him? And you still don't have anything to say? You just settle for a quickie the next morning while Toreth is still half-asleep and doesn't even realize it's you who rides him?Congratulations, Warrick. No wonder Toreth treats you like his little bitch. I'm so disappointed in you.