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Quis Custodiet - Manna Francis To be honest, this story deserves more than five stars. I won't start on how much I love Toreth and Warrick and about the quality of the writing. BUT. Yes, there is a but. I'm so mad at Warrick right now. For hell's sake. The man had you followed. That's how much he trusts you. He embarrassed you in front of your colleagues and friends and endangered the future of your beloved company. He also keeps fucking around (note: someone please shoot that syrupy guy, Paul, for me. I would be eternally grateful) and lies to you all the time and he genuinely believes he's justified and allowed to do it and he would leave you in a heartbeat if you asked him to stop. He would also kill you first than see you with anyone else but you don't know that so ok, maybe you haven't realized the full extent of his pathological jealousy and possessiveness. But the point is, how much more of Toreth's shit are you willing to take Warrick? How much more, damn it?