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Special Forces - Veterans (Special Forces, #3) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan I went through the last lines of Veterans a few minutes ago and I feel I've reached the end of the toughest journey in my life. I can't believe I'm done...This last installment was a lot different. More mellow, more emotional, the characters more introspective. The pace was much faster and there was much less dialogue. But it didn't matter. It was alright. Like the last leg of any journey, it slowed down. After all, you need to move to shallower waters before reaching the shore.Some small things that stayed with me:The first part, with Dan and Vadim having become almost strangers. It was almost as excruciating as the first part of Mercenaries. Almost.Dan wondering if there was any love left in Vadim for him. I loved him again after that. I came this close to forgiving him for his Mad Dog period. It didn't happen though. Sorry Dan. Anoushka. She was an interesting character and I would have liked a chance to understand her better.Americans and British English. Having Hooch consider taking a kip instead of a nap, for example, felt strange. Could you imagine him commenting on the weather, having his toast well done and his tea with lots of milk? No way!The prenuptial fuckfest. Again, I don't believe I'm saying this but there was just too much sex there. Though I have to admit I enjoyed the Hooch-Matt part of that foursome. I developped a thing for Hooch for a while after that. But then he went on to make up with Jean and I went "meh" about him all over again.Beauvais. I didn't like the guy in Mercs and I didn't like him in Veterans either. But something about him in this installment made me feel like pating him on the shoulder and "there there-ing" him. Well. You know what they say. God works in mysterious ways and all that.I would have liked to see how Dan and Vadim went on with their lives after their partership. See how it worked for them. And small things like if they let Vadim be on Dan's side after Dan's second knee replacement operation. Or how were Dan and Vadim with their grandchildren. But then again maybe things like that would have been overkill.Special Forces has been hands down the most intense experience to come out of any book I've ever read and I cherish it for that. I bid farewell to Dan and Vadim with bleary eyes knowing that they will stay with me forever.One last "thank you" to Mel. You know why, love.