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Ride - Cameron Dane I was going to give this a solid 4 stars but I changed my mind because of the last part of the book. The reason? 24-year-old Risa deciding to adopt a 16-year-old runaway and his 10-year-old sister, two kids she just met, simply because they reminded her of the situation she and her brother had gone through as children? It was a dumb and immature decision by a character whom, up to that point, the author was striving (and had managed) to convince us was very mature and level-headed for their age. If that was what the author was planning for Risa, I would very much have preferred her to have taken that decision AFTER she got married to Duke. That would have made much more sense.Apart from that, I loved the chemistry between Risa and Duke. It felt real. I also understood both characters, their thoughts, their fears, the whys of their decisions. The more intimate scenes could be more detailed but the verbal parts were good and they counterbalanced the lack of real foreplay. Most of the time anyway.All in all, I find that this author knows how to build interesting characters and absorbing stories and I will be reading more of their work.