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Beauty and the Black Sheep - Jessica Bird This was a light yet very sweet read and, like every story I've read so far by J.R. Ward, I couldn't put it down. Another thing about this author (one of my favourites, by the way) is that her male characters are so vivid and compelling it's difficult to believe they're not real. The same happened with Nate, the hero in this book. I loved the guy. And he reminded me of Butch O'Neil what with his capped front tooth and his dark physical appearance. Frankie, the heroine, was ok, I liked her alright but I found her bearing was at times a bit on the rude side.The parts I enjoyed less were the sex scenes which felt modest, almost prudent, compared to the scorchingly hot scenes Ward is capable of writing.Notwithstanding, I enjoyed this very much and I can't wait to read Joy's story, the next one in the series.