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Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux

I give up. After two days of typing and deleting, I'm admitting defeat. I can't review this. Just a few thoughts I had while reading Touch & Geaux:


The plot


• Don't try and make sense of the plot in the Cut & Run books. It'll be a waste of time and brain cells. Just read on.The characters

• The series is becoming increasingly focused on Ty. Zane is progressively reduced to the faithful sidekick of Ty the Magnificent.

• Everybody is in love with Ty the Cock-Whisperer.

• Zane has to become a major douchebag so that Ty the Magnanimous can forgive him.

• Liam Bell. Venit, vidit, sed non vicit. He came, he saw, but he did not conquer. What a waste of an opportunity.

• Ava. What a waste of space.

• Nick. What a waste of POV.


The steam factor


• I should probably bid farewell to the hot sex of previous installments. That's not happening anymore.


The editing


• People have been licking their lips non-stop since book 1. In this installment, they also started narrowing their eyes, clucking their tongue, swallowing hard, running their hands through their hair or rubbing them over their blood-drained faces. There were also some spelling mistakes and missing words here and there (e.g. "the only thing keeps him on the side of the righteous is his loyalty," or "Zane throat tightened,") POVs weren't always clear, and I've already mentioned the plot issues.




• This wasn't another Stars & Stripes sap-fest, but I still miss the Ty and Zane of Fish & Chips and Divide & Conquer.