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Becoming Three - Cameron Dane Hmmm... This was a sizzling hot read but I can't say it's my favourite book in the "Quinten, Montana" series, the main reason being that Jasper and Sarah felt like teenagers, even at twenty-four; only Jace came across as an adult. Because of that, I couldn't really feel the connection between these three characters, deep down I wasn't convinced their menage would work in the long run. Despite the promises to the contrary, my gut told me Jasper and Sarah were probably just experimenting, since they had no (Sarah) or limited (Jasper) sexual experience before they hooked up, and that sooner or later their arrangement would blow over like a house of cards.Other than that, the menage sex scenes were well done and felt natural. I didn't really care about the f/m scenes so I can't really comment on them and the m/m scenes were OK but, knowing what C. Dane is capable of (see Grey's Awakening, for example) they left me wanting more.The crime part was well delivered and the way it was solved didn't feel contrived. The reason behind the murders was interesting, to say the least. I pictured the perpetrator as a kind of incubus, living off other people's mourning process, absorbing their grief instead of their soul.I also enjoyed revisiting the other characters in the series, like Cade and Ren and Sheriff Boone and even young Ty.All in all this wasn't a bad addition to the series at all. I enjoyed it and even developed a soft spot for Jace, which, well, was unexpected. ETA: One last thing. The blond guy on the cover (who I guess is Jasper) is also a vampire. You don't believe me? See the cover and the blurb of this book.