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Laurel Heights - Lisa Worrall 2.5 stars rounded upThis book reminded me of The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson. And another 12569 m/m books I've read about cops going undercover and playing the gay couple. Only this one was better. Because, like I said on a status update, and like my friend Jenn mentions in her own review of this, it also reminded me of Melrose Place - the gay version. Gorgeous gay people living in a luxurious housing complex. Night clubs, booze, record producers, country singers, designers and architects. Gossip. Nosy neighbours. Partner swapping. Amidst all this, two closeted gay cops trying to solve a crime and at the same time deal with the growing attraction between them. Sounds like fun, no?Sadly, the answer is no. Because the writing was pleonastic and the story was packed with redundant POV shifts. The punctuation was all over the place. The crime plot/whodunit was ridiculous, the supporting characters pathetic. I had trouble remembering who was who and what they looked like. It all sounded too much like bad daytime drama.Also, the author thought it would be fun to give the MCs middle names like Scott Next Please Turner, Scott I'm so far up my own ass I can see what I had for breakfast Turner, Scott Would you like to be a notch on my bedpost Turner, Scott My middle name is Dickhead Turner, Scott My shorts are so tight I squeak when I walk Turner, Scott I'm so straight I sleep standing up Turner. Or Will I'm fucking beautiful and don't I know it Harrison, Will I'm built like a Greek God Harrison, Will I'm a prima-donna Harrison, Will My thighs are so hard I can crack walnuts Harrison, or Will Just wipe its ass and stick it on a plate Harrison. I admit I snickered the first couple of times, but after a while I became Lenore Enough with the silly nicknames, move on with the story already.Another detail than didn't bode well with me was the MCs calling each other "man" and "dude" in bed. Like, "Dude, you feel so good inside me." Cringeworthy.Then came the epilogue. What the hell was that about? Especially after the way the last chapter had ended. Totally unwarranted. So, I'd say the first half of the story (before the MCs hooked up) was a bit better, funnier, the bickering between the MCs coming across fairly well. In the second half, the buff cops became drama queens ("I would die before I let you harm him!", "Tell him I'm sorry! Tell him I love him!", that kind of stuff) and the whole thing started deflating like a punctured balloon.Oh well.