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Catch A Ghost

Catch a Ghost - S.E. Jakes

I may or may not review this properly when I decide how I really feel about it.

For now, I'm at sixes and sevens and this is my knee-jerk reaction to it:

There were plot holes the size of volcanic craters, names were thrown in topsy-turvy, and more than once I caught myself wondering what in the bloody hell was going on.
The paranormal element was clumsy.
Cillian's character felt redundant and by the time he did get involved in the actual story at around 90%—in a Deus-ex-machina, eye-roll-inducing way—I had exactly zero fucks to spare about him.
The ending sucked ass.


I liked the MCs (I ended up liking Tom a bit more than Prophet) and I'm curious enough about them to want to read the next installment.